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Our Team

What makes AscendHR, well, AscendHR are our staff members and strategic partners across the state. We pride ourselves on being anything but ordinary. When forming our team we were on the hunt for the best of the best – experts in their own areas, dedicated to continuous learning, accountability, and servicing our clients the way we would want to be treated.

Meet The Team

What It Takes:  All Of Us!

Tracy Culicerto

President / CEO


Sharon Fontana

Payroll Operations Manager

Andrea R. Vest

Human Resources Operations Manager


Austin Gunnoe

Senior Tax Accountant


Kayla Saunders

Client Service Account Representative

Sheree Ames

Lead Payroll Specialist

Julia Crittenden

Senior Benefits Specialist


Enterprise Level Capability

By combining our clients into policy purchases and centralized HR capabilities, AscendHR is able to maximize your dollar, and ease your day to day workload.

Run Your Company, We'll Do The Rest

You didn’t start your business to spend all day doing paperwork. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish when some of the mundane tasks are taken off your desk.

Hassle Free HR Services

We design our services around your needs. We look forward to getting to know your company and finding solutions that best work for your needs. We’re not just working for you, we’re part of the team here to contribute to your future success.

Experience the AscendHR difference, and begin your climb today!

Just because you run a small to medium sized company, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with small to medium sized employee services. AscendHR values your small business and seeks to help you grow.

Owned and operated by West Virginians, we understand the unique challenges presented in our state. We look forward to helping you achieve and exceed your goals.

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Why Choose AscendHR?

If you’ve made it this far down the website, you probably are looking for a little help with some of your business operations. Well, we’re so glad you found us. AscendHR was created by people who spent decades in the HR industry, and decided to create something of their own, designed to help people like you who did the same thing. You might think you’re too small for a PEO (Professional Employer Organization, that’s what we are!), but you’d be surprised how far a little help can go. Give us a call, let’s make your business our business.